We are here for you

Demystifying the myths surrounding college admissions
Defying the odds
The Common Application :  We will give the document a comprehensive “work up,”  –and show the student

how to avoid the “common” errors made on the Common Application regarding such items as: Weighted GPA,

Unweighted GPA, GPA scale (4? 5?), reporting of rank (decile??, quartile??)
Examination of the student's current transcript and future curriculum
The Ideal AP Student

Which is better--a "B" in an AP class or an "A" in an "easier" class?

Standardized Tests (ACT/SAT)
Student’s “extracurricular life”
Rounding out a “well-pointed” resume and personal profile
Creating and refining a list of colleges and universities that best match with the student’s needs, interests and abilities.
The personal interview
The CSS Profile & Financial Aid
FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: We  assist students, when/if necessary, with scholarships,   the FAFSA financial aid

application, and the CSS Profile (which could be the source of great funding within the selective and highly selective college spectrum).

NCAA: The 3 R's - Rules, Regs, Requirements

Early Decision? Early Action? Rolling? Regular?