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Mark Walters is an experienced college counseling professional with a flair for making the college preparation process uncomplicated, engaging and purposeful. He has great enthusiasm and helps students think about their interests, aspirations and necessary preparation for college. Our children have benefited from this practical and caring approach.

Keith D

Mark Walters "knows college." He was college counselor for both my son and daughter. He is always "on call," making himself available with sage and comforting advice. Teens listen-parents listen--and the job gets done!

Barbara B

Working with teens and steering them towards their future is clearly the life's work of Mark Walters. Mr. Walters was relentlessly positive and an energetic advocate. He really got to know who my son is, believed in him, gave us great advice, and now my son is flourishing in a great university which is a perfect fit for his interests in technology.

Peter D

Mark Walters is inspirational!! He has a unique ability to bond with teens and motivate them to reach for their goals. Mark combines charm, wit, passion, and intelligence to create a welcome refuge for teens to share about their feelings, problems, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. They emerge from his sessions inspired and empowered.

Dean D

My daughter and son couldn't be more different. My daughter has always known she wanted to be a doctor and my son has always known he had no idea what he wanted to be. Mr. Walters was able to counsel two different children with different outlooks to maximize their talents & efforts. Hands on but not controlling, Mr. Walters' approach spoke to me as a parent, because not only did he provide necessary information but also real life scenarios that allowed my children to mentally work through any perceived road blocks. A pleasure to work with.

Patricia C

Your step-by-step college counseling was crucial to my son's understanding and navigating through a complex and overwhelming College search process. Your direction also provided creative solutions to challenges  and all this was done with kindness, empathy, and your great sense of humor. We appreciated every bit of it.

Gargi M

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